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Chaucer School Exam Results 2014

Results Summary

(further detail to follow in September

Year 13 results showed an improvement on last year with average scores per entry up by half a grade. The vast majority of our students from Year 13 have secured their desired university place or are able to continue with their plans for further training and employment. We wish them all the best for the future.


The GCSE results are very pleasing. The 5+ A*-C. Including English and Maths is up by 6% from last year, if the same criteria are applied to counting results. However, even more pleasing is that Chaucer has done very well compared to other similar schools according to the government's new performance indicators, demonstrating that the school made overall sound decisions about the curriculum we delivered and around the policy of early entry in Maths and English. Our students can be proud of their achievements and should go on to post-16 studies with confidence.